Inigmas Studios is built around the foundation of delivering quality work, each piece meticulous, yet passionately constructed. We have a general love for 3d modeling and see it more as a hobby than a job; however though, we take each contract very seriously. Because of our love and passion for 3d modeling, we can guarantee quality over quantity with what we deliver—always going above and beyond when possible! 

To better understand what you're looking for during the pre-production phase of development, we attune and align to your vision for a solid and promising outcome. Our ability to follow through with your vision not only comes down to our skill and ability to execute it, but also our ability to interpret what you're looking for. That's something not all teams can accomplish.

Additionally, we understand the perspective of a consumer when compensating first-time freelance artists and how that can be a bit daunting. Allow us to dampen your concerns and reassure you that after the pre-production phase has been fulfilled and we're ready to move into the development cycle, we'll keep you appraised during the entire development process so you know just how it'll turn out. With each signifcant update to your art, we'll send you snapshots so you're kept in the loop at all times. If you find that the art we're creating is missing something, we'll realign to your vision and fix whatever the problem is so that the outcome is entirely what you were looking for—perfection.

That's what sets us aside from the rest, and makes us the smarter, superior choice.

Contracting Form
Greetings and salutations! If you would like to set up an appointment so that we could ascertain the scope of your project and gauge you a compensation rate, please submit a message below with the best way to contact you, as well as a small description of what your project is about. Please refer to our calendar for availability.